Advancing Seminars on Individuals and Technology


The advancing seminars 1 and 2 cover research methods and current research trends in computer-mediated communication and/or human-computer interaction. Students will read recent book chapters and journal/conference papers on hot topics that are being worked on in the international research community. After an initial phase of reading and reviewing literature, students will work in groups on identifying research gaps, formulating research questions, developing experiments and examination protocols. Study ideas are presented orally to the remainder of the seminar attendees. Experiments are carried out with a small number of participants in order to allow attendees to write an experiment and data analysis protocol.

Learning Goals

  • Review literatur
  • Identify research gap
  • Develop research protocol
  • Presentation skills
  • Project planning skills
  • Writing skills

Academic Assessment

  • Required: Attendance in Practicals with 25% absence allowed.
  • Grading: 20 % written review assignment, 30 % oral study idea presentation, 50 % written experimental protocol.