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AIxercise – An AI exercise component based on a competitive Pac-Man game

In the AIxercise project we create and integrate a serious game component in the module "Knowledge Representation and Autonomous Systems" for the Master's program Computational Social Systems. The game component is based on a competitive version of the classic computer game Pac-Man. Teams of students need to develop and submit agents to solve different challenges in this game by implementing methods from artificial intelligence (AI) presented in the course. This allows them to deepen their understanding of the concepts that were
theoretically conveyed in the lectures and to put them into practice. By letting the solutions of different teams compete against each other and by providing a leaderboard, students can motivate each other, they can assess their solutions’ performance, and they can evaluate their own learning progress.

The AIxercise project receives funding as part of the second call for proposal in the program "Digital Teaching in the Curriculum".

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