Existence Acceptance: New Publication on a Technology Acceptance Model for Delivery Robots


The iTec has published a aper on the acceptance of delivery robots in collaboration with the the Institut for Automotive Engineering at the IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, or HRI. 

  A delivery robot on a sidewalk Copyright: © Mathias Kilcher

In this paper, current technology acceptance models with their focus on a use scenario are questioned for autonomous delivery models. Anna Abrams, Pia Dautzenberg, Carla Jakobowsky, Stefan Ladwig, and Astrid Rosenthal-von der Pütten develop the concept of Existence Acceptance (EA) that addresses the technology acceptance of incidentally co-present persons. The model is empirically tested in an online study and theoretically discussed.

The model has been developed in the project UrbANT in which iTec explores the interaction of autonomous delivery robots with passers-by.

You can access and read the paper on the publisher's website. For questions about that paper you can contact